SURPLUS-E 30 | 2019


Fun, thy name is Surplus-e!

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3 999,00 €

This is the ticket to hitting the trail if you haven't been on the bike for awhile, if you want to keep up with your fitter friends, if you want to increase your range, if you want to test the bounds of e-bike riding...Basically, this is an awesome e-MTB rig that looks hot and rides like a regular mountain bike (with some extra assistance as needed). As with our other e-bikes, you get out what you put into it. If you want to go hard, you'll get the workout. If you need to take it easy on a climb, you'll be able to catch your breath and save your legs. If you want to stretch your normal 1 hour ride into a 2nd...or 3rd...or 4th hour, go for it. The only limit is how mad your significant other will get if you aren't back when you said you'd be.  

Features Shimano E8000 drive system with 8020 internal battery.

*Arrives at dealer within seven days.